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Our discipleship partners are leaders in their fields, with a passion to transform the 7 Mountains of influence through business ministry. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, business owner, marketplace minister-leader, speaker, teacher, author, or coach, partnering with Heavenpreneurs™ can empower your business, mind, and spirit while expanding Heaven on Earth together in and through commerce.

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Heavenpreneur’s Authors, Teachers & Thought Leaders

Heavenpreneur’s ways to bring I.M.P.A.C.T. (Immanuel Manifesting Purposeful Academics Created Together) into the lives of others is with our key experts who have a message that we want to share with our disciples. Therefore, we seek authors, teachers, and thought leaders who have a heart to equip entrepreneurs/business owners to be transformed. People who have a special anointing about them, and who will empower our content and the learning experience of our audience.

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Heavenpreneurs Up & Coming Podcasts

We have two main goals for our transformative podcasts to disciple nations one business/entrepreneur at a time. One is interviewing entrepreneurs, who are sharing their stories on how they are partnering with Heaven in their business to take back the gates of commerce on their mountain of influence.

The other is creating a Heavenpreneurs Podcast Network with 7 specific channels showcasing entrepreneurs-businesses that are transforming their particular 7  mountain of influence through the gates of commerce.

  • The Heavenpreneurs Podcast with Wendy Twine
  • The Heavenpreneurs Community Podcast Network

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Become A Heavenpreneur’s Blog Contributor

Share your knowledge and wisdom with our monthly readers dedicated to doing business in partnership with Heaven’s Kingdom and discipling nations one business at a time.

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Become A Heavenpreneur’s Community Leader

We are looking to expand our vision with entrepreneurs, business owners, marketplace leaders, and mentors who have the heart to start and register their discipleship community chapter in their local business or marketplace.

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Heavenpreneur’s Events

Our goal is to manifest Heaven on earth so ALL will prosper. Heavenpreneur’s Events are designed to equip entrepreneurs, business owners, marketplace ministers and leaders how to transform their mountain of influence through commerce.

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Heavenpreneur’s Lunch & Learn For Business

Our goal is to raise up workplaces to manifest Heaven on earth so ALL will prosper. Heavenpreneur’s™ “Lunch and Learn” discipleship program helps facilitate businesses to equip their company to bring the Kingdom of Heaven’s Culture, Relational Harmony, Operation Excellence, Heaven’s Economy, and Supernatural Strategies just to name a few.

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