Manifesting Heaven on Earth In Commerce

Most working people around the world spend the majority of their time in the workplace. If we divided our time by thirds, (sleep, work, leisure) and took out our time that we sleep, essentially half of our time is spent working. This is one reason we feel passionate about emphasizing the importance of entrepreneurs, business owners, and marketplace leaders implement discipling nations’ seven mountains of influence through the culture of heaven. We want to see stakeholders in the workplace/marketplace be more prosperous by understanding God’s will, ways, and word through engaging, equipping, and event opportunities.

Another reason we are very passionate about discipling entrepreneurs, businesses and leaders, is through the importance of wealth building God’s way. This is so they are not ruled by the Spirit of Mammon but understand that money serves a higher purpose.

It’s very important that as entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders recognize these responsibilities and purposes of money; and what that looks like, and how to steward money and wealth properly for the purposes of expanding God’s Kingdom and not our own.

Heavenpreneurs is a movement of entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders working together to change the nations through business and commerce. This is a  network of networks looking to engage through communities in the local and national levels, equip and disciple through community groups, training events and resources. Giving God all the glory he deserves. 

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