Heavenpreneurs International Alliance Member Networks vision was conceived 2018, as Heaven’s first global business alliance, whose primary mission is too Manifest Heaven on Earth Together in Commerce; the alliance is a network of entrepreneurs, establishments and networks from around the world, mirroring Heaven on Earth through multiculturalism. The alliance members together receive the benefits of recognition and rewards as being Heaven’s Kingdom Expanders on earth in commerce.

Heavenpreneurs International Alliance Member Networks mission is to “Execute oversight in managing the alliance members and their products and services using agreed guidelines of the Bible’s New Covenant principles, practices, precepts and partnership with Holy Spirit and Heaven’s Host; to usher the Expansion of Heaven’s Kingdom On Earth In Commerce.

Heavenpreneur’s about connecting, discipling and co-laboring by serving the people, products and services that bind the alliance together and make the discipling of nations through business experience for our alliance member Networks and customers as simple and seamless as possible.

Heavenpreneurs Initiatives: such as locating member discipleship resources and chapters close together in a particular locale’s business or marketplace center; employee connection teams for sharing of resources, analyzing and sharing Kingdom revelations and strategies, joint ventures when expanding Heaven’s dominion in a city, county, or country, etc. Only God and Heaven’s Host will help us achieve this. We leave the day-to-day activities of operating a business and discipling their stakeholders to our member networks.

Heavenpreneurs is a movement of entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders working together to change the nations through business and commerce. This is a  network of networks looking to engage through communities in the local and national levels, equip and disciple through community groups, training events and resources. Giving God all the glory he deserves. 

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