“Supernatural Operations Playbook™”
Training & Certification

Heavenpreneurs Alliance Network is looking to train and certify Heaven’s Citizens and Community Leaders interested in creating their own “Supernatural Operations Playbook™” to use in their workplace and/or marketplace business ministry.

This training will equip community leaders known as Christian Kingdom entrepreneurs, business owners, coaches, consultants, marketplace leaders, ministers, and teachers on how to elevate their organization from a natural state to a supernatural state using our S.C.O.R.E.S. methodology framework process.

In it, you will cover how to partner with the Holy Trinity and Heaven’s Host; while applying Biblical principles to do God’s will His way in six major areas. You’ll learn how to rule and reign while taking more dominion for the Kingdom of God in the workplace, marketplace, and beyond.

Heaven’s citizens and Community Leaders will be better prepared and have greater confidence in having and using our methodology framework in the Heavenpreneur’s “Supernatural Operations Playbook™.”

Key Benefits:

Builds co
nfidence on how to reveal and build Heaven’s culture on the 7 spheres of influence
As a Heavenpreneurs Certified Supernatural Business Strategist, this will open more doors for those who desire to be discipled on how to invite, engage, and partner with the Holy Trinity, Heaven’s Hosts, for strategies in business and life; to expand Heaven’s culture on any of the seven mountains of influence.

Expands Heaven’s Kingdom on earth
As a disciple who has gone through the certification process, you will be better prepared and recognized to disciple others in the revelations of Heaven’s strategies and Kingdom principles. How to create and operate a supernatural business, while growing their influence, impact, and income exponentially when partnering with Heaven’s Kingdom.

Elevate and dominate the seven mountains of influence
As a Heavenpreneurs Certified Business Strategist, you are better equipped to disciple others on any of the 7 mountains of influence.  How to take back territory for Heaven’s Kingdom when bringing Heaven’s Culture when elevating Jesus through His partnership, presence, prayer, and profitability.

Heavenpreneurs Alliance Network will actively support and promote all Heavenpreneurs Certified Supernatural Business Strategist Discipleship Coaches, Chapter Leaders, and their Community Chapters in the E-Commerce Directory.

This certification will give more opportunity to those who are seeking to be discipled how to reveal and build Heaven’s Culture on earth; or do business with those of like mind while taking dominion together on one or more of the 7 mountains of influence.