Guests Podcaster Guidelines


The Heavenpreneurs Podcast is on a mission to share Kingdom Christian Entrepreneurs’ stories who are ruling and reigning as kings and priests on one or more of the seven mountains of influence in their business, industry, and/or marketplace. 

These entrepreneurs share how their relationship and partnership with the Holy Trinity (God) and Heaven’s Host has given them a supernatural advantage in establishing and manifesting Heaven’s government in their sphere of influence. 


The goal is to empower listeners on why it’s important for them to rule and reign from a place of intimacy and a position of authority through a relationship and partnership with King Jesus in their local commerce. And,  how to take territory for the Kingdom of God in practical and spiritual ways when establishing Heaven’s government being led by God’s will, way(s), and word.


Types of empowering stories we’re most interested in:

  • Why did you decide to partner with the Holy Spirit in your place of business ministry and what benefits have you experienced since your partnership?
  • How has Holy Spirit used you and your spiritual gifts in the marketplace?
  • How has God’s Holy word and/or Heaven’s culture brought success into your business ministry?
  • Have you ever petitioned Heaven’s Courts over a financial, legal, or relational matter, and if so, what was the outcome?
  • What ways are you establishing and/or restoring Heaven’s Kingdom government on your mountain of influence in your local commerce?
  • Has God given you specific blueprints and/or strategies to expand Heaven’s culture in your local commerce and beyond?
  • Has the LORD promoted or delivered you in a specific way where you knew it was God’s grace and favor alone?

Additional areas of interest:

  • Kingdom Financial Principles, Wealth Building Strategies, and Stewardship, etc.,
  • Kingdom Operations, Biblical Principles in standards of operating procedures in the business ministry, etc.,
  • Kingdom Relationships, Culture of Honor, Leadership, Team Building, etc.
  • Kingdom Revelations, Hearing God’s Voice, Moving In The Prophetic, Divine Strategies for Biz, etc.

We encourage our listeners to establish Heaven’s government on Earth, by living from a place of intimacy and a position of authority through relationship and partnership with King Jesus when ruling and reigning in their individual lives, home, workplace, and marketplace.


Guest Podcasters must be a business – ministry owner or operator under a larger organization who agrees with our core beliefs that Christ Jesus was born through a virgin birth, died on the cross for the payment of man’s sin, was raised from the grave on the third day, and then ascended to Heaven to sit at the right hand of the Heavenly Father. And confess Jesus as savior and LORD to be able to partner with the Triune God to manifest and establish Heaven’s government on the seven mountains of influence.


Company Will NOT Compensate the interviewee for the use of Video/Audio or Text content that was created as a result of their participation in the podcasts/live streaming. The company has the right to use as desired for promotional, marketing, financial purposes on the website(s) and third-party/social media channels. You and/or Your Company will be credited/showcased as the source of providing the informational content and a link to your contact info.


If you and your business ministry are in alignment with our core beliefs and movement’s mission and message, fill out the form below to see if your story is a fit. If so, will send you an email with a link to schedule a time for an interview. We’re not able at this time to respond to every single submission.
Also, by filling out our application below, you have read and agreed on the terms and conditions of our COMPANY and site(s), guests posts/interview agreement, for the interview.