Living To Serve & Represent Him

Heaven’s Kingdom culture is quite different than the kingdom cultures of individual countries, nations, and tribes. We desire to be a network that truly represents Heaven’s Kingdom. This Kingdom culture is made up of nations from around the world, people groups of different colors, creeds, and tribes) representing Heaven’s colonies on earth. We also see in this Kingdom, that our common core agreement with our faith, is Jesus Christ is our Savior, Lord, and King; and He is the only way to the Father in Heaven.

Another way that we serve our Lord is through giving of oneself through time and talents. Each organization in our community network needs to make it their aim to be a giving organization that helps their local community needs, causes, and beyond. Ways this can look are giving to help rebuild communities who have been hit with natural or catastrophic disasters, to help provide rescue centers for children and women in human trafficking, to provide medical clinics for treatments in poor regions around the world, and teach entrepreneurial workshops in depressed communities, etc.

The way we serve our Lord is to give a tithe (10%) or a portion of our profits for needs beyond our own. This way it helps us to honor and recognize that God is the source of our provision and helps keep the Spirit of Mammon away.

Giving In Action: One way you you can be about the Father’s business is by stakeholders giving time and resources. (see video example below)