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Hi Friends,

If you’re interested in creating more wealth with the help of spiritual insights and strategies; plus, systems that automate your business and increase your influence, territory, and prosperity, then you are in the right place.

You see, we’ve been recognizing the importance of helping professionals build their businesses by knowing how to use their unfair advantages and create systems through automation, delegation and monetization that will increase their influence, territory, and prosperity. All the while showcasing the professionals’ personalized expertise.

Each month you will receive spiritual strategy(s) and/or insights as a Heavenpreneur, an Encouraging testimony or case study, how to Leverage an asset to build your business, a Prosperity principle and Strategic Resources for you to implement immediately in your business. It basically HELPS you build and grow your business, automate just about everything, while increasing your prosperity. Therefore, giving you more income and time freedom to do the things important to you, your business and Kingdom purposes. 

So this letter will cover the following topics each month:

  • Heavenpreneurs Training 
  • Encourage One Another 
  • Leverage Your Assets
  • Prosperity Principles
  • Support Resources

We will send directly to your inbox, a monthly news letter.

The benefits of having this letter, are all the ways we give you business building secrets, insights, ideas and step-by-step systems to automate and monetize various aspects of your business.

Wendy Twine and one of her guest associates whom she will be interviewing each month, have helped past clients and customers in the marketplace, both online and offline services from . . .

  • Business Development
  • Home Improvements
  • Real Estate
  • Wealth Building
  • Etc.

We are excited to personally invite you to experience the very exclusive Dominion VIP Business Building Letter!

If you are seeing this page, you are one of our friends, who has raised their hands to pre-qualify themselves through one of our “systems.” You are someone who has made it quite clear that you are capable and want to implement these strategies and systems to increase your income exponentially, as well as your time away from your business. The backbone of our businesses and this monthly print letter is simple:

 “Business should not be difficult. You can invite Heaven’s favor, implement spiritual strategies, build SIMPLE
sales systems and processes once and then just drive TRAFFIC to those pages to generate income.”

We are not fans of working harder than we need to. Life is too short for that! Our focus with this letter essentially is…helping you to prosper with spiritual strategies and automated systems.

Each month we’ll equip you on the creation, automation, delegation, and
monetization strategies, so you will earn more and work less.

After a while of implementing these strategies and systems, you will be able to take more sabbaticals, spend more time with your family, and/or help your favorite causes and charities.  All you have to do is check in from time to time to make sure your business is a well-oiled machine able to run without your constant tinkering of the day-to-day activities.

Each month, we’ll break down a strategy or tactic complete with step-by-step action plans, template, or checklists that you will have our permission to re-use in your own business. We will show new ways to work smarter and not harder each month by showing you how to systematize and automate every area of your business…

You will be added to our private, exclusive, subscribers group where you can ask your questions and attend our private access to live broadcasts and chats. We will offer trainings, tips and insights to help you dominate your world through creation, automation, delegation and monetization, and optimization for your lives and businesses.

Each month we’ll focus on some if not all these ways: how to do business from a Kingdom perspective, overcome sabotaging mindsets, implement a specific business building topic, leveraging assets, create a profit strategy, and provide supportive resources. This will help you stay focused and implement  a strategy and system to see massive results delivered in bite-sized chunks.

Over the next several issues, we’ll cover the following themes:

COPYWRITING: You will receive insights, templates and formulas to write persuasive sales messages that have your readers and listeners asking, “Where do I go to get more information and purchase this offer?”

TRAFFIC: Know how to drive a ton of targeted traffic from people who are ready to buy by learning the strategies to send them to your website.

SYSTEMS: Automate and “autopilot” most of the day-to-day tasks so you can focus on the big picture of what you do in your business.

PRODUCTS: If you are looking to increase your income and don’t have a product to sale, we will show simple ways to creating high-value products that your customers will love.

MINDSETS: Learn how to overcome sabotaging beliefs through spiritual strategies and insights, daily routines and habits, which will open the floodgates to personal growth and financial gain.

TRIBE BUILDING: We will discuss how to attract and grow a rapid following of people who will want to hear from you continuously and buy anything you recommend through the implementation of simple strategies.

AFFILIATE MARKETING: One of the best ways to increase your earnings is through promoting other people’s products that are in alignment with your expertise, vision and/or professional industry. Earn extra income without the hassle of customer support and without having to create your own product. It’s almost a perfect business model.

WEALTH BUILDING:  It’s great when one creates diverse streams of income by learning how to implement strategies and building them into assets that grow your income without having to work harder. It’s also great when one earns money from the strategies we teach, but another on how to make wise financial decisions by the money kept and grown. We’ll get into this as well.

PLUS MUCH MORE: Since this is a monthly letter, we are working to help You! So it’s important to have your voice heard in the group by constantly giving us feedback and tailoring our strategies, systems and step-by-step action plans and checklists to the needs of our subscribers.

We’re also throwing in special bonuses for our new subscribers!

Upon purchase, you will receive access to an exclusive member’s area with special video training.

You’ll receive the “Heavenpreneur Summit 2018” to start. And then every month thereafter, the following: the monthly recorded livestream video of the Q & A(s) from the exclusive FB Private group, a copy of the recommended resource(s), template(s) and strategies shared from the monthly letter.

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