Heavenpreneurs International Alliance Member Networks

  1. Service – Our core value is to model Jesus in our service. He did not come to be served but to serve. Therefore, we are not to be serving with selfish ambition, motives or gain but to prefer others above ourselves.
  2. Obedience – When we obey the will of God, we believe we will succeed.
  3. Humility – A sign of a good leader, will exalt others above his needs for personal recognition, gain or attention. The leader is not easily offended when corrected; and seeks wisdom from above, knowing that they need someone greater than themselves for guidance.
  4. Diligence – A good leader takes initiative and doesn’t wait for the accolades of others to be validated. They are one who is about fulfilling God’s plan for their life.
  5. Authority – A good leader recognizes that one must be willing to submit to authority to operate and obtain authority.
  6. Loving – means we serve and minister to others to see their success fulfilled before our own; instead of using them as stepping stones for our own success.
  7. Character – we seek to grow and pursue Godly character that emulates Biblical traits; more than, gifting and credentials.
  8. Blessing – We bless others in their developing stages, knowing that we are all on a journey of becoming more like Jesus Christ until His day of return. Therefore, even when we disagree with their differences we can do so without the need to agree or criticize.