Heavenpreneurs Community
Membership Plans Opening Soon

When you sign up for our Heavenpreneurs Alliance Network community group, you’ll be the first to know when God says now’s the time to launch and grow.

You’ll have opportunities to choose from many community groups as they are being created and developed, based on your mission, vision, and provision. Here are a few examples listed below:

  • 7 Mountain niched community groups

  • Course training groups

  • Event groups

  • Local business/marketplace groups

  • Mastermind groups

  • etc…

Or, you can commune, collaborate, and cohort events and training with other Heaven’s Kingdom-minded citizens yourselves.

Plus, you’ll be notified of upcoming events like webinars, challenges, workshops, conferences, etc.

As these groups are being created, hosts will have the opportunity to create their groups as free versions, 7-day trials, and from a monthly paid to a yearly paid version and save.

So, to stay in the know, sign up below, you’ll then be the first to know when we launch and grow.