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Our network is in its conception stage. It’s a network of networks made up of different establishments (entrepreneurs, business owners, companies, ministries, organizations, schools, etc.) that have a common mission and vision. It’s for Heaven to be manifested on the business mountain locally, regionally, nationally and globally. Recognizing that we are stronger together as one to establish God’s Kingdom rule in business and the marketplace.

Each establishment maintains its unique vision, mission and operation bringing the rich diversity and culture to the alliance through their own listing page. At the same time each establishment shares a common goal and dedication to restoring the business mountain for the Glory of God. Plus, having the opportunity for those who are looking for the right fit to be equipped, encouraged and/or engaged with like-minded Heavenpreneurs through the alliance member networks.

Each menu option above will give various opportunities to those visiting the site. If they are looking to engage with local Heavenpreneurs or be equipped with resources, from establishments that focus on how to establish and manifest Heaven on Earth and God’s principles on the business mountain. And, they want to be in the know on what events are being offered in their local area or online. Or, if an organization that wants to endorse our Heavenpreneurs message and movement by becoming a sponsor. And be mentioned on our sponsor page as an organization that supports our message and movement.

So, if you would like to have your establishment link arms with others in restoring the business mountain by inviting and aligning “Heaven on Earth;” and to be updated on when it will be launched, sign up today. Because “We’re Stronger Together As One.”