Accident or Design: You Were Created On Purpose, With A Purpose And For A Purpose


By: Wendy Twine

We are living in a time and generation where many people are confused and question their identity, their purpose, and their very existence. For some it starts from the beginning of their birth; where the parents are setting them up for confusion by marking their birth certificates “no gender,” in places like Canada.

For others it starts early in their childhood with not having a strong father presence and/or a healthy father relationship. Thereby, leaves a person with a fractured understanding of who they are and why they exist.   

According to the late Myles Monroe, he said that every person asks these five major questions in their life listed below:

Who Am I?

Where Am I From?

Why Am I Here?

What Can I Do?

What Is My Destiny?

Digging Deeper

Let’s dig deeper into discovering the answers to some of these questions mentioned above. Many people have heard or been taught that they and our world were created through the “Big Bang Theory.”  But have you ever questioned how could such creativity and order come out of an explosion or chaos?

Think about where you live. Let’s look at this from an analogy point of view. Do you think someone could take a bunch of dynamite, lite a fuse in the side of a mountain, expecting a house, a neighborhood and a city to be formed from such an explosion?

You may be thinking that’s crazy to even think or expect that could happen. And yet we accept such a theory that our world was created from an explosion as factual because we were taught by textbooks and so called “authorities” that said so.

What about you as a person? When you don’t understand how you were made, where you come from or the reason for your existence, you become confused and frustrated. It helps to know that every creation of living and non-living thing has been designed by a Master Designer and Creator.

Your Designer and Creator

Here is what Michael Pink had to say in his book, “Seven Secrets of The Sale” about the Designer and Creator, in relationship to a glove below.

“Imagine that I’m holding a glove, this beautiful glove I just found on the ground. Would any of you think that it was just a freak of nature, that somehow the forces of nature had turned some cow into a piece of leather and then in some unexplained way over a long period of time, it began to take the shape of a human hand, eventually in some other mysterious way, get stitched together perfectly to form a completely functional and useful glove?”

“Of course, no one would think that. Yet we are asked to believe a much more complex and miraculous thing happened with mankind. We have infinitely more complexity to us than a lifeless glove. Just the human eye itself is beyond our ability to reproduce, let alone grow one from nothing!”

I then asked, “Or would you assume that because it has design, that it must have a Designer? And if it had a Designer, there must be a purpose for that design. And if the purpose for that glove was to keep a hand warm or safe when worn, that it could only fulfill its purpose when someone slipped their hand into the glove and essentially gave it life, animated it, used it for the purpose it was created for.”

“And if something as simple as a glove must have had a Designer and Creator, then how much more reasonable is it to believe that we as human beings with incalculable complexity must have a Designer or Creator? And if we indeed are the result of a loving Creator’s design, then it only stands to reason, there must be a purpose.”

“And if there’s a purpose but we don’t know it, we should invite God to put His hand in our glove so to speak. By that I mean, let’s ask Him to come inside us, and animate our lives, move in us and upon us and help us to know and fulfill the purpose for which He made us.”

“If anyone here would like to experience having God put His hand and His very Spirit in them, and truly come to know Him and the purpose He has for your life, pray a simple prayer inviting Him in your life.”

Lord Jesus, I invite you to come into my life and shape me and fill me for your glory. Be my guide to my guidebook, the rudder to my ship and the light to my lighthouse. I give you full permission to be my Savior and Lord over every area of my life. I also ask you to fill me and baptize me with your Holy Spirit, In Jesus Name. Amen.

Deeper Discovery

Now, that you have a greater understanding that you were no accident and created with a special purpose. Let’s go back to the questions listed above and give some greater context to help you process your existence and purpose on earth.

First of all, “Who Am I?” God fashioned you before the beginning of time. You are God’s Heir and offspring. (Genesis 1:26, Let’s make mankind in our image and in our likeness…)

Next, you asked, “Where Am I From?” You originated in Heaven and were placed in your mother’s womb at the exact time for your purpose to be fulfilled. (Jeremiah 1:5, “I knew you before you were in your mother’s womb…”)

Then you want to know “Why Am I Here?” It’s to be Heaven’s Ambassador, disguised as a Realtor, Plumber, Teacher, Lawyer, etc. and to bring God’s Kingdom on earth by establishing Heaven’s Government.  (Ephesians 2:10, “God’s handiwork…created in advance for us to do.”)

“What Can I Do?” This depends on your DNA (Divine Natural Attributes). Another way it can be looked at, is how is your earth suit made? You know how you are to read a label/tag to see what it’s made of and how to care for it before you wash it or use it? Your T.A.G.S. (Talents. Abilities. Gifts. Skills) tells us what you are made of and how you can be used and cared for.

And Finally “Where Am I Going?” God’s assignment can change throughout your life depending on what season you are in. For example, as a young mother, my assignment was to train up our children (both spiritually and academically). Then as a young adult for a season, I was a small home group leader in our church, training up others. Then as I continued to grow older and my children became adults, I moved my training/equipping into the marketplace with my real estate services. (Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you…to prosper you and not harm you…”)

If you still struggle with not knowing where you are or what you are to do in this journey called life, I suggest you take some personality, motive, and skill tests; to help give you some direction and discover your strengths and weaknesses. Here are some suggestions below:





I leave you with this as you grow in your revelation and relationship with your God, you will discover that you are created on purpose, with a purpose, and for a purpose. Your purpose will be lived out as Heaven’s Ambassador and God’s Heir to establish Heaven’s Government on Earth disguised as a realtor, contractor, teacher, preacher, lawyer, doctor, etc. You fill in the blank. What do you dream about becoming or doing? This will be your clue to the reason you exist.