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What You’ll Learn

The Expanding Your Dominion Funnel Plan Master Class is about how you can take Dominion in your business and life as God’s Kingly representative in the earth realm (Psalms 115:6). God from the beginning of time gave us a command to be fruitful, multiply, reproduce and then subdue (rule and govern) the earth (Genesis 28). Then Christ gave us his commission to take Dominion by discipling nations (Matthew 28:18-20).

In these lessons we will lay the foundation of who is considered a Heaven’s Kingdom Dominion Expander, what is a Dominion Funnel and the keys to expanding your Dominion as God’s Kingly representative. Why its important now to engage as a Kingdom Dominion Expander, where your Dominion influence and impact resides, how to take Dominion when you launch your Kingdom Business, and then how to multiply your reach as you disciple other businesses to become God’s Kingdom Dominion Expanders as well.

  • Learn who is considered to be Heaven’s Kingdom Dominion Expander.
  • Learn what the Keys of the Kingdom are and how to access and conquer your Dominion.
  • Learn why now it’s important to be a Kingly representative and rule over the dominion God’s called you too.
  • Learn where your dominion influence and impact resides and how to conquer it.
  • Learn how to take Dominion when you launch your Kingdom business and use your Dominion Funnel Plan.
  • Learn how to take dominion in other nations too by discipling other businesses on how they can become Kingdom Dominion Expanders too.

Meet Your Coach and Mentor

Wendy has a heart to help entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders know how to bring Heaven on Earth in their business. This is done by partnering with Heavenly Father, Son of God and Holy Spirt, using Biblical principles and Heaven’s host to help serve their ideal clients and marketplace.

Wendy has also been a seasoned entrepreneur in the home services industry. She has served as a professional for over twelve years both as a home improvement contractor with her husband in their contracting company and as a real estate broker.

Wendy wants to see God’s glory revealed in the way business should be done from God’s Kingdom perspective and principles. And to see nations discipled through business.

Sign Up Now! Challenge Starts May 20th, 2019

Benefits of completing this masterclass…

  • You’ll have more Dominion when you operate in greater levels of authority and power as God’s heir and representative in the earth realm.

  • You’ll walk in greater levels of Dominion when you understand the difference between an orphan spirit and sonship spirit.

  • You’ll know where your Dominion influence & impact resides and how to conquer your Industry’s niche.

  • You’ll have more Dominion as you learn how to build sustainable wealth through God’s way word, and will.
  • You’ll have more Dominion as you learn how to create your own Dominion Funnels, thereby expanding your dominion.